Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wig Party at Ron and Melvin's - 2006-10-28

Here is the Tabblo I just made of the pics I took at Ron and Melvin's Wig Party. Click on the link below to see all of them. If you click on a particular photo, you should be able to download it, although it won't be full size. If there's a few pics you want and you are unable to get them yourself, I'm sure I could be convinced to email them to you.

God, Ron, I hope you find some way to use up your leftovers. :)

Tabblo: Wig Party at Ron and Melvin's - 2006-10-28

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Where did you get your licence, moron?!

May I offer you a quote from The Official Driver's Handbook for Ontario for everyone's edification:

Yielding the right-of-way

"There are times when you must yield the right-of-way. This means you must let another person go first. Here are some rules about when you must yield the right-of-way.

"At an intersection with stop signs at all corners, you must yield the right-of-way to the first vehicle to come to a complete stop. If two vehicles stop at the same time, the vehicle on the left must yield to the vehicle on the right."

Why this little lecture? Well, on my way home from work last night, I approached the intersection of Bay and Gloucester, two one-way streets. Refer to the picture: I was the red car and some @$$hole was the blue car. Well, we both approached the intersection at exactly the same time and both came to a stop. Armed with my knowledge of the Ontario Traffic Act, I then proceeded to enter the intersection. So did Mr. @. Since I was farther into the intersection than he was, I had to take some evasive manoeuvres to avoid a collision, while Mr. @. was honking at me like I was the idiot who didn't know how to drive. Good thing he didn't run into me or who knows what would have happened.

Friday, October 20, 2006

It sure is pretty windy in the Windy City

Greetings from Chicago. As Sarah's birthday is Saturday, I decided to pay her a visit. (Although it's not as though it's been ages since I saw her last... as she was in Europe with me a scant two weeks ago...)

My flight was very quiet. Quite pleasant, actually. The plane was very new, and each seat had its own personal TV with pre-loaded entertainment. Got to watch TV for most of the two-hour flight. Before you knew it, the plane was in Chicago.

Today we just spent our time in the Magnificent Mile area, and a dangerously long time (2 hours) at Borders. So many nice books... argh!

Sarah wanted to go see the movie Marie Antoinette tonight. It was interesting to see the Ch√Ęteau Versailles being used as a set, because, as you probably know, we actually went there. Just looking at the trailer brought back memories of France. However, the film really was awful. The acting was really not very good, especially by the actor playing Louis XVI. The very flat American accent was so grating to listen to... Don't even get me started on the ending! At least the costumes and the sets were nice.

It's good to see Sarah taking an interest in French. She really loved Paris and I'm sure we'll be going back again some day in the future. She bought a French/English dictionary today. We'll see if she puts that to good use.

Well, I have more shopping to do today. I'll have to find some wig for Ron's wig party. See you...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Paris & Rome 2006

Tabblo: Paris & Rome 2006

Hey boys, we're in Paris!!
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Friday, October 13, 2006

Swinging London!

Tabblo: Swinging London!

As you can see, the hotel room was small, yet comfortable. At £70/night, that's pretty good for London, especially for the area I was in. ... See my Tabblo>